Can i smoke in area of village?
No. For the convenience of all visitors, smoking is prohibited in the area of the village, expect for the reserved area. Thank you for understanding. 

Can we come with dog?

No. For safety and hygiene reasons, guiding and free movement of dogs in the village are prohibited.

Can we feed animals in the village?

No. Our animals have a regular feed, so they are not allowed to feed them.

Do you offer anything else, than fairy tales?

Yes. In addition to refreshments, we offer demonstrations of craftsmanship, souvenir shop and whatever the program is concerned, besides the fairy tales, there is an accompanying program throughout the village. Just choose.

Can we order a group entrance, a school trip, or a corporate or family event?

Yes. All these actions can be booked in advance for a given date. School trips take place in the school section, and other events can be ordered by phone or e-mail.

Does group have a discount? 

Yes. Prices and discount rates can be found in the price list.

Can we pay in euros for shops?

No. Our village has its own fairy tale currency Habakuk. You can exchange them in automats, or at Mesacnik.

Will we see the animals if it rains?

Animals are accustomed to live outdoors all year round, whether they are sun or raining. However, we can not guarantee that the animals are approaching the visitors at a given time and weather. Some individuals prefer a sheltered place during the rain and hide in their shelters.

How do we know when is the fairy tale?

In addition to the program that you receive at the entrance to the village, you will find a program schedule in the village area, and for each fairy tale it is called by a drum.

What if we do not get the fairy tale ?

Due to the capacity reasons of some cottages, we can not guarantee that you will get a fairy tale. If you missed it or you no longer have a place, do not mind. Fairy tales are played continuously several times a day.

Is the village open when it rains?

No. In case of bad weather the village is closed.

Can we repack the baby somewhere?

Yes. In the village there is a changing table in the house "Plienkárik".

Can we bring our own food?

Yes. Self-consumption is allowed throughout the village. We recommend using refreshments or picnic tables in the meadow. Note that setting fire is strictly prohibited.

Is it possible to pay by card?

No. We do not have a payment terminal.

Is it possible to replace Habakuk back to Euros?

No. We recommend visiting the exchange office or cash dispensers several times.

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